Top 10 Inexpensive AI Stocks to Buy Under US$1 for Good Growth

The value of AI stocks is rising with the growing significance of artificial intelligence

The acceptance of artificial intelligence into the mainstream global markets has caused business houses to remain on edge and adopt only advanced technologies to meet the growing demands of the industries. In business, artificial intelligence has a number of use cases. In fact, there are several employers and business leaders who interact with the audience on a daily basis with the help of AI. The advancement in technology is a gift from the top AI companies of the world. The essential fact that is accelerating the innovation in AI is the emergence of avant-garde startups and AI companies. The next-generation computing techniques, with access to rich datasets, are also encouraging scientists and researchers to innovate faster, as a result, the value of the AI stocks of these companies are also significantly growing. Here, we have enlisted the top AI stocks that you can buy in 2022 for profit generation.

Ideanomics, Inc.

Price today: US$0.7247

Market cap: US$360.669 million

Ideanomics is a global electric vehicle company that is focused on driving the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and associated sustainable energy consumption. The company provides turn-key vehicle, finance, leasing, and energy management services for commercial fleet operators.

CooTek Inc.

Price today: US$0.4499

Market cap: US$3.18 million

CooTek Inc. is one of the most affordable AI stocks in the market. It is a global and fast-growing mobile internet company that develops innovative mobile apps and artificial intelligence technologies. With a massive global user base, the company aims to empower users to express themselves and enjoy relevant content seamlessly.

Predictive Oncology

Price today: US$0.4308

Market cap: US$33.671 million

Predictive Oncology is a company that is focused on the use of data and artificial intelligence to develop personalized cancer therapies, which can lead to more effective treatments and improved patient outcomes. The company has several tools to support its mission of bringing precision medicine to the diagnosis of cancer.

Amesite Inc.

Price today: US$0.4533

Market cap: US$11.67 million

Amesite is a high-end artificial intelligence software company developing a cloud-based platform for college and university courses to be cost-effective and conveniently delivered to learners online and in hybrid, or on-campus formats.

Inuvo Inc.

Price today: U$0.4835

Market cap: US$57.926 million

Inuvo is a market leader in artificial intelligence, aligning and delivering consumer-oriented products and brand messaging strategies, virtually, based on powerful, anonymous, and proprietary consumer intent data for agencies, advertisers, and partners.

Remark Holdings, Inc.

Price today: US$0.4255

Market cap: US$44.745 million

Remark Holdings is a global digital media company focused on creating destinations that merge engaging content with rich social interaction. Remark Media owns Kankan, a one-of-a-type AI and machine learning-driven data intelligence platform that operates based on digital brands such as,, and

Windfall Geotek Inc.

Price today: US$0.0650

Market cap: US$8.684 million

Windfall Geotek is a services company that leverages artificial intelligence with an extensive portfolio of gold, copper, and zinc properties in Quebec. The company possesses a multidisciplinary team that includes professionals in geophysics, artificial intelligence, and mathematics. The company’s objective is to develop a new royalty stream by significantly enhancing and participating in the exploration success rate of mining.

Qudian Inc.

Price today: US$1.0500

Market cap: US$265.099 million

Qudian is a Chinese technology company that specializes in enhancing the online consumer finance experience in China. It leverages AI to provide small cash credit products to consumers and financial leasing and financing guarantee services. It also offers ready-to-cook meal products for working-class customers.

Powerbridge Technologies

Price today: US$1.3100

Market cap: US$130.807 million

Powerbridge Technologies is a customer-centric IT solutions provider, designed to fulfill the gap between innovative IT products, solutions, and customer needs, complementing it with affordable industrial propositions.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc.

Price today: US$0.0117

Market cap: US$57.868 million

It is an artificial intelligence solutions provider for mobile electronic services, including AI and robotics solutions. The company offers after-market upgrades for electronics, audio, and videos for boats, automobiles, and recreational vehicles. It works through three different subsidiaries to deliver its robotic solutions to businesses.

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Written by Sayantani Sanyal

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