First look at dynamicSpot: Bringing Apple’s Dynamic Island to your Android phone

Apple clearly knows a thing or two about design, and releasing year after year of premium iPhone hardware has earned it a top spot as smartphone industry trendsetter. Just think — when the company discontinued the headphone jack, we saw nearly every major Android manufacturer rush to follow suit. Occasionally, though, things go the other way around, and Android phones end up setting the bar for iPhone features. Brands like Samsung ditched the notch in favor of circular hole-punch cutouts for their front-facing cameras. Apple may be fashionably late to this trend, with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max only transitioning to a pill-shaped cutout called the Dynamic Island this month, but boy, does it still manage to leave quite the impression. Android developers have been quick to try replicating the software side of Apple’s implementation, and today we’re checking out how well an app called dynamicSpot manages to succeed at bringing the Dynamic Island experience to Android.

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